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Branded SMS or "SMS on letter head" are delivered from Brand Name or Company Name instead of any unknown number. It is specially designed to provide Business SMS services. Branded SMS service has a specific Sender ID. It can be managed and monitored globally anytime anywhere. It has easy web interface utility and great broadcasting speed. This SMS service which is not forward able to your Name requires No Hardware/Software. Branded SMS generally Better suits for Commercial or Corporate organizations where Reliability of the content really matters. It is a Quick and most effective way to reach your customers, employees/Staff and vendors enabling you to maintain direct contact.

Another SMS service is Bulk SMS which is the delivery of high SMS volumes from a server. It is best used by clients who need to deliver instantaneous messages to large chunk of people such as sports, community news, local information or marketing messages. The Bulk SMS gateway reaches across borders and connects to over 800 mobile network operators world-wide. Bulk SMS will display your own registered keyword to the receiver and you can send unlimited SMS in a single click. This Cost effective User friendly SMS service is easy to navigate. It is a Time saving service where Tracking of delivery and responses is effortless.

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